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We are an academic association of geometers worldwide. Our members are concerned with geometry and engineering graphics
  • Theoretical research
  • Applications in industry and design
  • Education
The spectrum ranges from fundamental research to geometric real-world applications in science and technology and it includes also all aspects of education in geometry and engineering graphics as well as industrial design.

ISGG is editing a refereed scientific journal, the Each submitted article is peer-reviewed in final form by at least two members of a Review Board consisting of recognized scientists, scholars and practitioners in the fields of Geometry and Graphics. The Review Board's members carry out this task independently of the Editorial Board.
The journal appears in one volume per year, consisting of two issues. With 18 months delay the full text of all articles is electronically available on the European Mathematical Society.
All members of ISGG receive this journal free of charge.

Under the auspices of ISGG an International Conference on Geometry and Graphics is organized biannually at different venues around the world.

We want to provide a forum for all persons who are involved with geometry and graphics for discussing and presenting results in research, application and education of geometry and graphics. We plan to collect and distribute information on conferences and other activities organized by members and friends of our international society. So please help us by sending your information and link-addresses to
    Otto Roschel
and, last but not least, become a member of the ISGG, if you are not!  
  K. Nestler, 3/2003
Page last modified January 18, 2013